The letter that, in yet another weird twist, allegedly got lost between Ankeny and ... well, Ankeny.

Below is the letter sent by the City to Assistant County Attorney Ray Blase,who was investigating the open meetings complaint. I never received it. The first I saw of it was when he faxed me the copy below. On the advice of Ray Blase I sent an e-mail to Carl Metgzer letting him know that I never received the letter. He never responded. So a week later I updated Blase to that fact, and offered some additional tough questions for the City. Only then did I receive a response, an e-mail the very next day (copied to to Ray Blase, of course, as well as Metzger) from (cha-ching) Attorney Amy Beattie of the Brick, Gentry Law Firm responding to my original e-mail to Metzer. She attached a .pdf file she said was the City's file copy, signed and dated May 16, and allegedly mailed that day.

Odd that the City didn't have a copy of that to send the County Attorney ... or me at some point.

As I told Ms. Beattie, "What a remarkable set of the most unlikely circumstances imaginable that has befallen this situation, I guess." Maybe they should have stuck the letter in with my water bill which as arrived without a glitch for 20 years.

One point not made elsewhere:is that during the exact same timeframe the City Manager and his people found no merit in changing that ordinance that makes my Christmas lights (and SummerFest, for that matter) illegal, he did find that having the Council change the ordinance that defined his employment status as "at will" in order to make it legal for him to be the only City Manger I could find in the area to have a very lucrative long-term contract instead DID rise to the level of having the Council take immediate action. Priorities.