Get your own law. This one applies only to me.

Below is the actual document distributed on November 22, 2006 giving standing orders to Ankeny police officers to shut down my display as the ONLY response to ANY complaint. (Suitable for framing as it has our name at the bottom and only applies to our display.) There is no option for dealing with the actual problem (like telling a visitor who is blocking a drive to move, which was the single complaint in 2006). There is no "we look at each complaint on a case-by-case basis" as the Mayor claimed on Fox News at Nine. Nor working cooperatively as promised by Assistant City Manager Jim Spradling in our November 9th meeting.

There is only one intend, only one result, and only one process ordered...

1. "Determine that there is an infraction." (Not IF there is an infraction since the law is vague enough to include about anything they want.)
2. Videotape to substantiate the City's claim.
3. Shut the homeowner -- that would be me, as listed by name-- down.

Which is what they did when they got their single (that's right - ONE) complaint of the entire year (not about "clogged" streets as they claim, but about a visitor in line stopped in front of a drive on 16th Street). The police had driven past many times and seen worse traffic (on Grant Street it was never a problem on 16th where the complaint came from) and DID NOT shut me down. Which means that shutting me down when they got that complaint had nothing to do with traffic or public safety (note that a "complaint" does not make something a public nuisance in that code). This standing order was issued solely to punish me for causing them work -- just like they said in our original meeting in early September when I went to cooperate with them in the first place.

It's called abuse of power.

(Again, these orders were given before the display had even been turned on, aimed at a citizen so cooperative I had gone to them or they wouldn't even know about it, and in direct conflict to the promises made to me in our November 9th meeting. And they wonder why honest people don't trust them.)