Questions The City Can't Answer
(without making you roll your eyes)

What is the City's plan for dealing with the increased traffic in 2007 that is otherwise guaranteed to cause the very problems you cite?

Why is the City applying this nuisance code only to these lights when there are other areas of town far more congested that have never caused a problem?

What is the City changing to resolve the hundreds of complaints lodged against it by the people angry about the City's actions last year as well as those made since that time by lawmakers, residents via e-mails and phone calls, and hundreds via petition?

Is the City going to apply this ordinance equally as required by law and temporarily suspend Summerfest, football games, garage sales, Christmas shopping, funeral processions, parades or other activities as the sole means of dealing with any traffic complaints or ill-mannered visitors?

Why is the City spending so much tax money and resources going after this guy and creating a self-fulfilling prophesy instead of developing a plan to make this work?