I never sent my letter of April 10 to the Mayor or the City Manager, just Council Members at their home addresses. Nonetheless, the day after a regular City Council meeting on April 16 in which the issue does not show up as having been discussed in open session, the Mayor had been given a copy of my letter and the Council had made a decision that the Mayor should respond on behalf of the City and let me know that they had decided not to work with me on coming up with a way to deal with increased traffic in 2007. Meaning that they intended to just wait for traffic to become a problem, then declare my lights a public nuisance and shut me down. So much for serving the public.

Curious about who voted which way, I asked for the minutes to the meeting in which the larger decision described in this letter was made. None existed. Which makes what the Mayor is describing below illegal. (In defense the City Manager later said that this entire letter is made up and that his office essentially makes all these decisions, not the Council. (see mayor lied.)