After realizing that the City of Ankeny could not be trusted to even be honest, let alone fair, I shared my experience with three legislators. Two of whom serve on the Local Government Committee of the Iowa House. Including the Chairperson. (The Local Government Committee is where legislation most likely to affect cities comes from.) They were very interested and sympathetic, but they were reluctant to fix the problem at the state level if it could be fixed at the local level instead. They encouraged me to meet with the Mayor of Ankeny, which I did the very next day.

What they did do for me directly, however, was to confront Mona Bond, the Ankeny lobbyist, about the issue. As a matter of fact, Representative Mary Gaskill even came out of of a Local Government committee meeting she was chairing at the time to join a conversation intended to impress upon the City of Ankeny that their actions and position on this is simply not the way cities are expected to operate here, that we don't consider Christmas lights to be a public nuisance in Iowa, and that Ankeny needed to repeal or revise the ordinace as a first step towards taking a positive and friendly view of Iowa holiday traditions.

Ms. Bond then reported the legislator's position to the City. Although you will find no record of the topic ever coming up under any "lobbyist update" reports in any Council minutes intended for just that kind of information for some reason.

Two months later the Ankeny lobbyist reported back to the legislators that that the City basically sees no problem with their actions regarding my lights, and that they have no intention of changing their hostile position. Interesting, one of the suggestions she made that proved the City had NO IDEA what they were talking about was for me to put my lights up on a more primary thoroughfare, maybe at a church or something. If you know Ankeny, you know where my head went from there. Because I thought briefly about setting them up at the United Methodist Church right across from the police station. Do they really want 3,500 extra people showing up from all directions at each intersection in that part of town? I dismissed the idea almost immediately, as they would only use that against me to prove what a huge problem my lights were in the first place.