A lot of families make a tradition of going out to look at Christmas lights on the weekend before Christmas. Which made traffic the night of Friday, December 22 among the busiest of the season. So to get as many people as possible past my display, I cut the show down to only my "True Meaning of Christmas" song, which I played in a loop. The traffic on my street looked fine with everyone parked along the curb waiting patiently in line. But apparently somebody in line was parked in front of a drive, and the police got their one and only (anonymous) complaint of the year.

So did the officer tell the visitor to move from in front of the drive, as you would expect? Nope. He didn't have that option. Because he had these standing orders to shut me down, no matter what. So that's what he did. Which generated two angry calls from out of town visitors who where in line wiith their families waiting to see the lights when they shut me down. And the crowd booed the officer as he left my house in opposition to the outrageous and heavy-handed way the City dealt with the issue.

I was furious about the certified letter. But, in fact, the final position of the Ankeny police department was actually far more hostile, unfair, and tyrannical than anything in that letter or any other related discussion.